10 Tips to Foster Employee Experience through Internal Communication

Anthony Hickey

Continuing our Future of Work Webinar Series, we were joined by Eva Mahon from Kuehne + Nagel Ireland and John Goulding from Workvivo to discuss how successful internal communication enhances employee experience.

Eva Mahon presented the famous Kuehne + Nagel Ireland in-house radio show initiative for which they won a Communication Award at our last Best Workplaces Awards.

John Goulding shared about Social Capital and the effect of remote working on it, how to set up effective internal communication within the organisation and presented the Workvivo tool as a support for fluid, strong and authentic internal communication.


Eva Mahon

Talent and Development Partner

Kuehne and Nagel


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1. Kuehne and Nagel have been holding a dedicated Careers Day since 2016, involving informing on the activities of areas across the business, leaders offering insights on “a day in the life of”, training, and senior leaders Q&A sessions.

2. As the initiative evolved, a Ted Talks style event would be created, where those across the business with a journey to share were given a platform to do so. This would include topics such as mentoring and attitudes towards work.

3. With the challenges presented by 2020, a new approach was needed. Acknowledging the presence of Zoom fatigue and the need to continue to communicate around development, an in-house careers radio show was created.

4. The radio show would be broadcast to all employees and would involve music, song requesting, competitions, phone in elements, and of course an emphasis on career and development opportunities. Engagement levels would not drop below 90% during the day.

5. As it would emerge, staff took real value from this initiative in its various forms, engaging with the material shared, and reaching out to each other to learn more about career progression opportunities and journeys.


John Goulding

CEO and Founder



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6. The objective of enhancing the employee experience in an organisation should be to foster an emotional commitment to the organisation, reducing turnover and driving engagement.

7. Being deliberate and intentional in internal communications drives emotional commitment. Communicating the purpose, goals and values of an organisation is an excellent strategy for organisations to adopt, particularly when it comes from leaders.

8. Organisational podcasting is an effective way of connecting leaders to employees. With dispersed workforces and sizable employee numbers, one to one conversation is not always feasible, but alternatives such as this can have the desired effect.

9. A lack of recognition is often found to be a factor in employee dissatisfaction. An internal communications strategy focused on recognition ensures staff feel valued and that all staff are aware that contributing to the organisation’s goals is rewarded.

10. To provide a sense of ownership for employees, they must feel informed about the direction the company is going in. When this occurs, staff feel connected to the wider mission of the organisation and give their best consistently.


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Excellent insights from both panellists were shared on the day, with something to benefit every organisation. Watch the full webinar here: 

How a new approach to internal communication will enhance your employee experience


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