10 Tips on Transforming Employee Feedback into Tangible Action

Anthony Hickey

Want to know how Great Workplaces turn their employee’s perspectives into practices? We have just what you are looking for, a summary of our latest webinar, where we were informed on how GPTW client organisations have been transforming data into action.

In this instalment of our trust insight series, we were joined by two wonderful panellists, Catherine Noctor, HR Manager with PEI, and Elaine Quinlan, Group Head of HR with Mainstream Renewable Power. We discussed action planning, open communication, employee engagement, priority setting, working with survey data and more.


Catherine Noctor

HR Manager



Catherine Noctor Quote


1. GPTW Trust Index Survey data provides deep insights into employee perspectives, issues can then be defined, and action plans devised to address key areas.

2. As a leader or organisational change driver, it is vital not to assume you know what the employee’s issues are. It is more beneficial to engage with employees, listening to their perspectives, and working with them to create change.

3. Following up on action planning is crucial, do what you say you will do and communicate the overarching strategy the organisation is working towards. Action and communication are key to driving engagement.

4. If you ask your staff for feedback but find what they say to be less than favourable, it is important to work with that data and not seek to identify and punish respondents. Consider this as transparent feedback and work with the data.

5. The value of working with data and action planning was brought to life through examples given of outlier departments within the organisation. In creating and communicating a strategy to address such issues, measurable changes occurred.



Elaine Quinlan

Group Head of HR

Mainstream Renewable Power 


Elaine Quinlan Quote

6. As a second-year participant in the GPTW programme, year on year survey data highlighted the tangible benefits of organisational action planning, engaging with staff, and creating a whole organisation approach to driving change.

7. Working with survey results must be on the agenda of the leadership in the organisation. This all-inclusive approach ensures consistent work towards action planning is occurring, with regular updates presented at SMT meetings.

8. Concerned that some employees were not of a disposition to raise issues in an all-hands meeting, the organisation found value in holding off-site focus groups with the GPTW team. This was well received by employees, providing additional data for the organisation to build on.

9. Communication was highlighted as an opportunity area within the organisation. A survey data deep dive helped to identify issues and develop action plans. A follow-up survey would reveal a dramatic increase in employee satisfaction in these areas.

10. Survey data indicates that, when staff observe their organisation seeking and integrating their perspectives in a particular area, it provides a boost to their perspective on the organisation as a whole. This is the trust model in action.


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