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Cathal Divilly

Yesterday we revealed the 2024 Best Workplaces™ in Ireland, a yearly celebration of organisations in Ireland that have committed to making their business a Great Place to Work.

This year we are acknowledging an exceptional 120 organisations of all different sizes and from a diverse range of industries; employees at these organisations were invited to complete the Great Place to Work survey, sharing their insights across 17 key categories of their workplace culture, which include themes like career and development, talent management, recognition and teamwork. More than 65,000 employees in Ireland were invited to complete the survey — and their responses showcased these top organisations that are paving the way for outstanding workplace culture.

By reading this article, you will discover who made the list this year, how to be featured on the list next year and be able to download our exclusive report in partnership with The Irish Times featuring key insights from these organisations.


Best Workplaces paving the way

The evolution of workplaces over the past few years has undoubtedly been one
of the most abrupt in decades. Despite the massive changes, the one thing that has cropped up for us at Great Place to Work consistently — trust and great workplaces go hand in hand. Among the Best Workplaces this year, we have seen a true commitment to building that trust that encompasses everything it means to be great.

Workplaces today are more diverse and globally connected than ever before. This is why organisations need to be able to acknowledge and embrace the diversity of the workforce, recognising that people bring unique perspectives, backgrounds, and talents to the table. It’s about crafting a workplace where everyone feels valued, no matter who they are or where they come from, cultivating an inclusive, supportive, and positive work environment where every individual feels respected and is given equal opportunities for growth and success. We’re always aiming to shed light on companies that are getting this right, breaking down barriers and embracing diversity as a driving force for creativity and success. After all, while trust fuels business performance, “for all” accelerates it.

Our report this year in partnership with The Irish Times aims to shed light on these organisations who are doing this right. At Great Place to Work, we believe any organisation can build a great workplace culture, and our mission is to help you do it. Read on to find out how the Best Workplaces are paving the way for Greatness.


2024 Ireland's Best Workplaces Special Report

In partnership with The Irish Times 

This year the Great Place to Work team, in partnership with The Irish Times, have created a special report on Ireland's Best Workplaces and the workplace cultures propelling them to greatness. Below is a flavour of what you will discover:

  • Who made Ireland's Best Workplaces 2024 list 
  • Who is this year's Most Trusted Leader
  • Insights on the Great Place to Work programme: Bord Bia share their experience on how their Certification has helped talent attraction
  • A look into how the Best Workplaces support women at work, featuring the Irish Rugby Football Union, Cpl and Distilled
  • The journey to a great culture: What survey insights from the Best Workplaces tells us about modern workplace culture
  • How the Fáilte Ireland Employer Excellence Programme in partnership with Great Place to Work accelerates employee engagement for hospitality
  • All the Special Awards Winners
  • and much more!

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How can your organisation be recognised as one of Ireland's Best Workplaces™ in 2025?

To be considered for Ireland's Best Workplaces™ in 2025, participating organisations are required to be Certified™ as a Great Place to Work first. The Certification™ is the first step towards any Great Place to Work recognition. The great news? You can become a Great Place to Work-Certified in 6 weeks! 

Want to know more info on how to be Certifiedas a Great Place to Work? Check out our webinar below for a 30 minute informative session to get all your questions answered!

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