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In recent years, employee health and wellbeing has found itself at the forefront of many organisation's priorities - and for good reason. Recognising the profound impact of employee wellbeing on organisational performance, companies are increasingly investing in comprehensive wellness initiatives and supportive work environments. This focus on employee health and wellbeing not only fosters a culture of engagement and productivity, making for happier and healthier employees, but also serves as a magnet for top talent in a competitive market. 

In its inaugural year, Great Place to Work's Best Workplaces™ for Health & Wellbeing recognition aims to acknowledge organisations that prioritise creating positive and supportive workplaces for all employees, encouraging them to bring their whole selves to work and to balance their work and personal lives. This award builds upon the global standard of the Best Workplaces methodology, with the basis for this recognition derived from the average of 10 wellbeing statements from Great Place to Work's renowned Trust Index© survey.

At Great Place to Work we were able to identify organisations who not only excel in terms of health and wellbeing practices but also understand how prioritising wellbeing is key to boosting employee performance. Check out who made Ireland's Best Workplaces™ for Health & Wellbeing 2024 and read on to download the report and find out key insights and Great practices on how they prioritise employee wellbeing at every turn. 


The Best Workplaces for Health & Wellbeing 2024 special report

This year the Great Place to Work team have created a full report to capture key insights into organisations paving the way in the health and wellbeing space. Inside you'll discover:

  • Who are Ireland's Best Workplaces for Health & Wellbeing 2024
  • Great Stats: survey insights from the organisations paving the way for employee wellbeing
  • Great Practices from 21 of the Best Workplaces for Health & Wellbeing 2024, giving exclusive insight into what a healthy workplace culture looks like
  • Employee testimonials on what it means to work for these organisations
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Do you want to be recognised as one of Ireland's Best Workplaces™ for Health & Wellbeing in 2025?

To be considered for Ireland's Best Workplaces™ for Health & Wellbeing in 2025, participating organisations are required to be Certified™ as a Great Place to Work first. The Certification™ is the first step towards any Great Place to Work recognition. The great news? You can become a Great Place to Work-Certified in 6 weeks! 

Wondering what it takes to get Certified™ as a Great Place to Work? Well wonder no more, check out our webinar below and get all your questions answered!

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And do you want to find out more about health and wellbeing in the workplace? 

Join our webinar delving into Health and Wellbeing at work featuring experts from Great Place to Work, The Kingsley Hotel, winners of Great Place to Work's Special Award for Wellbeing 2024, and the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU). From mental health first-aiders to dedicated spaces, the Kingsley fosters a holistic approach to employee wellness, creating an environment where exceptional talent seeks fulfilling careers. We'll also hear about the IRFU's journey on fostering a culture of health and wellbeing for their employees, and their approach to supporting work life balance, mental and physical health, and the practices and policies underpinning it.


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Who are Ireland's Best Workplaces for Health & Wellbeing 2024?


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