What Employees Say They Want: 20,000 Irish employees opinions

Anthony Hickey

What do employees want? That is a question many claim to have an answer for. At Great Place to Work, we listen to tens of thousands of employees voices every year, and we gather the findings to help organisations improve their culture.

In this Special Report, we provide you with an analysis of the responses to two open-ended questions contained within the Trust Index Survey: “Is there anything unique or unusual about this company that makes it a great place to work?” and “If you could change one thing about this company to make it a better place to work, what would it be?”.

With input from over 200,000 employees across Europe and 20,000 opinions in Ireland, we present you with our data findings in analysing what employees say they want.

Within these pages, you will find answers to these questions:

  • What do employees love about their organisations?
  • What do employees want to see improved in their workplaces?
  • What issues matter most to what demographics?
  • What is more important to Irish employees than employees across Europe?
  • What are the key differences between Best Workplaces and non-best workplaces?
  • What influence has the pandemic had on the perspectives of employees?


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Understanding what employees want thanks to this Special Report will help you build your organisation’s people strategy. Still, the best approach to know what YOUR employees want is to ask them through the Trust Index Survey!


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