10 Tips on Recognising Your Employees Virtually

Anthony Hickey

For our last Trust Insight webinar of 2020, we focused on one of the most frequently requested topics from the Great Place to Work community - how to recognise employees in a remote setting.

We were joined by Elaine Whelan, Head of HR & Engagement with O'Dwyer Real Estate Management and Laura Doyle, Head of HR wit Distilled SCH, who shared their experiences of adapting their recognition practices to cope with the challenges of 2020.


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There were some fantastic ideas shared during the session, the key points of which you will find below:


Laura Doyle-Head of HR with Distilled SCH


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1. A value linked peer to peer recognition system is an excellent way to democratize and encourage recognition, while rewarding behaviours which benefit the organisation’s culture.

2. Through psychometric personality profiles, it is possible to better understand the motivations and dispositions of employees, tailoring recognition to the individual.

3. Appreciation need not be confined to recognition initiatives, but can be embedded into quarterly feedback sessions, where motivation can be tailored to the individual.

4. The timing of acknowledgement is important, recognition should be given in the here and now, which can be achieved through communication systems or recognition platforms.

5. This has been a tough year for a lot of people, little moments of genuine recognition and token gestures mean more to employees than ever before.


Elaine Whelan- Head of HR & Engagement with O’Dwyer Real Estate Management


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6. Recognition need not be considered as a standalone practice area, rather an overall people strategy to foster a supportive and productive culture.

7. In a remote setting, it is important to continue to mark milestones and achievements, both for individuals and the organisation. These traditions are valuable to employees.

8. With Christmas on the horizon, a calendar of remote celebrations can be utilised to demonstrate gratitude form leadership and peers in a fun, informal setting.

9. With Zoom fatigue as a hot topic, event organisers should engage with employees, listening to and implementing their suggestions, increased engagement will follow with staff input.

10. For new hires, demonstrating recognition is a valuable integrative tool, highlighting the organisation’ culture and showcasing types of behaviours are rewarded.


Well, that was really something special, a wonderful way to cap off this year’s webinars. As always, this session wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful panelists, who openly shared their experiences and knowledge for the benefit of the Great Place to Work Community.

The key message here, was that recognition is vital to any organisation, with its value only increasing during this challenging year. This certainly resonates with the Great Place to Work perspective on recognition, considering it to be a valuable tool to foster positive and productive cultures.


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