The Impact of Trust in Remote Working

Anthony Hickey

Listening to our clients, we know how challenging remote work can be. In response, we want to equip our client network with an in-depth understanding of the crucial role of trust in remote working, and offer expert advice on understanding, managing, and participating in virtual teams.


Lending their expertise in this session were:



Colin Hughes: Head of the Graduate Business School for TU Dublin. Colin’s doctoral dissertation on building trust in remote teams places him in an excellent position to give insight on the topic. His extensive knowledge, evidence-based approach, and talent for making complex topics understandable have earned him a reputation as an expert on the role of trust in remote working.


Speakers (1)

John Brennan: Managing director of ORS: A progressive and thoughtful leader, John is committed to building a Great Workplace through communication and continuous improvement. John’s academic work on remote working has informed his decision making. Practicing a hybrid working model for the last four years, John was well equipped to offer expert, practical advice.


The panellists discussed and gave their expertise on:

  • Productivity and performance issues in a remote setting and how to navigate them
  • Effective leadership behaviours in virtual teams and the crucial role of trust
  • Factors that will support remote working moving forward and how to determine them
  • The perils of micromanagement and alternative leadership solutions
  • Issues surrounding visibility in remote work and how to address them
  • Understanding the role of individual differences in personality in working relationships
  • The critical role of culture in facilitating remote working and how to develop it
  • Models for understanding adaptation to remote working
  • Navigating ambiguity around the topic of potential returns to on-site working
  • Determining and measuring success factors amongst remote teams
  • Generational differences in experiences and expectancies of working from home
  • Potential advantages of informal policies on remote working versus formal policies

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