What is it like to be part of a Great Company Culture?

Anthony Hickey

No two organisations are the same, and each culture is unique. However, when we can draw from a large enough data set, we get an idea of what it’s like to be part of a Great Culture. As we determine Ireland’s Best Workplaces, we survey tens of thousands of employee’s across a wide variety of industries. From this, it becomes apparent that even with variations across organisational goals, structures and practices, employees have similar experiences in Great Workplaces. In this article, we will show you what you could feel, hear, and see as a part of one of these organisations.


You Feel: That You Can Trust Those Around You

The Great Place to Work Programme is built on the foundations of trust because trust is the basis for positive and productive relationships. When you feel that you can trust those around you, you are more comfortable with feeling vulnerable. You can then be open about challenges you face and work to address them together, not feeling judged, but supported.


You Feel: Fairly Treated, Regardless of Who You Are

A Great Culture is a fair culture. From a combined data set of over 20,000 employees, it is abundantly clear that Best Workplaces are one where discrimination isn’t tolerated. In a great culture, you are first and foremost treated as a valuable member of a team, and you can feel that from how you are treated by those in the business.


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You Hear: That Your Suggestions and Ideas are Welcome

Time and time again, we see the same trends emerging in the data. In Great Cultures, management genuinely seeks and responds to suggestions and ideas. This isn’t to say that every suggestion is adopted, but that you hear there are meaningful opportunities for input open to you.


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You Hear: That Your Work is Valued

Whether it comes from leaders, peers or clients, recognition for good work and extra effort is given in Great Cultures. When you hear that your work is appreciated and that you are making a difference, you know you are valued. When you hear that, you are hearing that you are important to the group you are a part of.


You See: The Great Place to Work or Best Workplaces Certification recognition logos

When you see your workplace has been certified as a Great Place to Work or listed as one of Ireland’s Best Workplaces, you can see that you are part of something special. When an organisation commits to the Great Place to Work Programme, they are committing to creating a high trust environment for all in the business.



What’s more? It is the employees in the business that tell us it’s a Great Place to Work, through our confidential Trust Index Survey. So, you can rest assured that is very much felt across the organisation.


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About Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. We help organisations quantify their culture and produce better business results by creating a high-trust work experience for all employees. We recognise Great Place to Work-Certified™ companies and the Best Workplaces™ in more than 60 countries. To join the thousands of companies that have committed to building high-trust company cultures that help them attract, retain and take care of their people, contact us about getting Certified today.