8 Points on Enhancing Employee Experience Through the GPTW Programme

Anthony Hickey

In the final instalment of our Staying Connected Webinar Series, we would like to share a few insights on the benefits of the Great Place to Work Programme. From the perspectives of both the GPTW staff and a client organisation, we heard about how the programme promotes employee engagement, provides a valuable employer branding tool, and enriches employee experience.


How to Build a Great Place to Work

In this edition of our series, Great Place to Work team members, Brían, Fania and Cathal brought us through the stages of the GPTW programme. We were shown how any organisation, regardless of size, could develop a great culture, built on the foundation of trust.

  • A Great Workplace is one where you trust the people you work for, have pride in the work you do, and enjoy the people you work with.
  • The GPTW programme measures that trust, helping organisations build action plans to develop productive, positive, sustainable, and innovative workplaces for all.


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Your Great Place to Work Team 

This edition of our Staying Connected webinar series covered Your GPTW Team: Building Culture, Driving Change, & Engaging Employees. We were thrilled to be joined by Chris Paul- CEO of Avantcard, Niamh O ‘Connor- HR Manager with CPL and David Martins-CPL’s GPTW Champion. 

Chris Paul  
  • Chris gave a leader’s perspective on the benefits of an internal GPTW Team. Staff members willing to volunteer to join the team want to make a difference within the company.
  • These passionate colleagues are empowered to create meaningful change, benefiting the organisational culture on a consistent basis.

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Niamh O’Connor
  • Niamh discussed the relationship between HR leaders and internal GPTW teams. A crucial aspect of the GPTW programme and trust building is acting on survey feedback.
  • GPTW champions who share the organisation’s values and vision are crucial in driving such changes and enhancing their employer brand.

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David Martins
  • David shared his experiences as a GPTW champion, discussing the pride he has taken in his role. Being part of a GPTW internal team allowed David to get to know his colleagues better, listening to their needs and taking action.
  • Through this, meaningful change can be created from within, fostering a sense of employee ownership.

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