Best Workplaces for Women™ 2021


The Best Workplaces for Women™ programme takes the global standard Best Workplaces methodology as its basis and recognises leading Irish organisations that foster a high trust culture and great work environment for everyone in general, and also create a positive and supportive workplace for women in particular.


It was fantastic to announce the Best Workplaces for Women™ yesterday on International Women’s Day, and celebrate the achievement across the Great Place to Work community. What was it that made these organisations stand out from the crowd? There is no doubt that the past 12 months have presented new challenges for organisations in this space. Despite this, many organisations have not just risen to the challenge, but surpassed it in continuing to create a high trust workplace experience and deliver a strong culture for their people.


Balancing Commitments

Employees in these workplaces report fair treatment regardless of their gender, are empowered to balance their work and personal life, and feel secure to take the time off they need when necessary. This is particularly pertinent this year, where many people found themselves stretched as they adapted to the reality of Covid-19, and its impact on where, when and how we work.

Organisations had to actively listen to their people, be adaptable to their needs and demonstrate clarity and care. Some people found themselves increasingly isolated, others found their personal responsibilities consistently increasing, from childcare and elderly care, to voluntary and community commitments. Each situation required a thoughtful response.


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Best Workplaces for Women 2023


Career & Leadership

Career development and opportunities for both professional and personal growth are key components in establishing a Best Workplace with a high trust culture. In the Best Workplaces for Women™, the data points to an employee experience where recognition and promotion opportunities are conducted in a candid and transparent way. They ensure that it is universally understood how promotion criteria apply to employees across the organisation.

They provide opportunities for exposure to leadership and people across the organisation so employees can showcase their unique talents outside the confines of their direct team. When leadership does promote someone, they are able to point to the criteria they had previously set as the foundations of their rationale.

The shifting model of work, in response to Covid-19, has also presented new challenges for leadership. When we think about the importance of transparency of promotions, outlined above, lack of visibility is a key concern in a virtual environment. Leaders needed to continue to focus on building relationships, regardless of the type of working environment they found themselves in.


Future Readiness

For any organisation, creating a high performance environment where employees can thrive requires a commitment to learning. They search for fresh insights and new knowledge, implementing new programmes and refining existing practices to best support their employees. These organisations continued to celebrate achievements and face challenges, and were quick to adapt to the shifting landscape presented by Covid-19.

They understand their people, actively listening to their needs and responding accordingly. By identifying and recognising the strengths and opportunities that exist within their organisations, they are committed to driving a high trust work environment.


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