HR Practices interpreted through Great Place to Work Methodology

Anthony Hickey

Have you ever wondered how we at Great Place to Work interpret organisational culture? How we apply our methodology to determine which organisations offer the very best environments, that support a positive and productive employee experience? What HR trends, practices and policies do Ireland’s best workplaces of all types employ to foster employee engagement, support development, and promote work-life balance?


Well look no further, we have just the material you are looking for!

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We have been listening to the Great Place to Work Community, many of whom have asked us about our Culture Audit methodology. It has become apparent to us, that how we assess those wonderfully crafted Culture Audit submissions remains a puzzle to our clients. In response, we have created an educational booklet of sorts, where we can shed some light on our assessment methodology, and how we use it to identify Great Workplaces.

Of course, this is only possible because of our clients of diverse ranges and sizes, who have kindly granted us permission to include some excellent practices spanning each of our practice areas. Accompanying these Great Practices, you see how we apply our VOAHI, Culture Audit Methodology, much like we do find when assessing Culture Audits in full.


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We are certain that you will find this booklet both informative and enjoyable, and you will likely find some ideas inside that could enhance your organisation’s culture. What’s more, you will assuredly find this eBook to be of benefit when creating or your own Culture Audit. Or perhaps this could just be an interesting read to break up a long workday? Whatever you’re looking for, we have you covered!


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