The Best Workplaces™ in Tech 2023 are revealed!


Over the years, Ireland's tech industry has emerged as a thriving and dynamic sector, gaining global recognition for its innovation and expertise. In this rapidly evolving sector, focusing on employees’ needs is more important than ever. Recognising what the best talent want is crucial for any organisation’s success and the ability to act on this makes Great workplaces stand out.

Organisations who go above and beyond to create a high trust culture for all will always come out on top, and this year's Best Workplaces in Tech do just that. Check out who made Ireland's Best Workplaces™ in Tech 2023 and read on to download the report and find out key insights into how they stand out from the rest.


The Best Workplaces in Tech 2023 special report:

In partnership with Silicon Republic

This year the Great Place to Work team, in partnership with Silicon Republic, have created a full report to capture key insights into Ireland's dynamic tech industry. Inside you'll discover:

  • Who are Ireland's Best Workplaces in Tech 2023
  • What makes the Best Workplaces in Tech stand out
  • Career progression in the tech industry
  • Recruiting and retaining early-stage talent: our Best Workplaces in Tech's top tips
  • Hybrid workplace culture: Why transparency and trust are key
  • How CSR initiatives can make employers more attractive

    Best Workplaces in Tech 2023 report

Do you want to be recognised as one of Ireland's Best Workplaces™ in Tech in 2024?

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Who are Ireland's Best Workplaces in Tech 2023?

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