Why Measuring Employee Engagement is a Priority?

Lauren O'Donnell

These days, employee engagement is treated as the miracle drug for workplace challenges. Employee engagement isn't a silver bullet, but it can have some pretty miraculous effects on your organisation. And it doesn’t just correlate with great organisations, it can create great organisations.

Read on for the top 5 reasons why employee engagement surveys are worth the investment and how they can help your organisation grow and succeed.


1. Your biggest asset is your workforce

People make organisations – not gadgets or inventions. People. Just as an organisation dedicates resources to maintaining and upgrading equipment, so, too, should it get to the pulse of success – finding out first-hand what its employees are thinking, where they believe the company is going and what their part is in that growth. Measuring engagement gives employees a voice.


2. Change is part of any successful company’s growth

 That said, growth and change can be uncomfortable. Stretching limits and understanding the direction an organisation is going is critical to success. By conducting an employee engagement survey, your company has a bird’s eye view of where it is today, which will help you map out where you want to be tomorrow.


3. No business is an island

As much as we say, “Don’t compare,” when it comes to employee engagement, making comparisons with other organisations is important. A good employee engagement survey uses benchmarked data based on research and statistics. This data helps your organisation understand where it stands in comparison to other companies.


4. It’s all about creating the future

A good employee engagement survey must focus on actionable results, meaning the survey measures whether employees are engaged or not as well as what the drivers of motivation are in the organisation. Basically, once a survey is conducted and the results are in, these results should help management and employees create a strategy that will become the blueprint for a company’s success and future.


5. Empower Managers

 Front line managers are critical to organisational success, as they are the direct link between organisational strategy and communicating that strategy to employees … every day. Once surveys are in, an organisation can identify which managers are struggling, enabling the organisation implement programs, training and initiatives that give managers the tools they need to succeed.


Employee engagement is proven to drive employee, team, and business success. Ramp up your approach by choosing Great Place to Work as your survey provider.


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