10 Ways to Activate your Great Place to Work Recognition


Earning a prestigious Great Place to Work recognition means you've taken the first step towards understanding how your employee experience stacks up and getting recognised for the great workplace you’ve built.

With this distinction comes many benefits, including your very own Great Place to Work logo. The logo is proof of the outstanding workplace that your team has built and is only the beginning of the good things to come. Here are ten ways to proudly activate your logo and share your accomplishment with your employees, customers and community:


1. Your Website

Your website is one of the main visual representations of your company that reflects its identity. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your interest in creating a high-trust culture! You can display your recognition logo on your careers page, “about us” page, or write about your Great Place to Work journey through blog articles. Not only it is attractive for current and potential business partners, it is your chance to showcase your unique culture to prospective employees!



2. Your Hiring Campaigns and Job Offers

Potential employees want to know that they will have a good experience if they join your company. Provide them with third-party validation by displaying your Great Place to Work recognition on your hiring campaign materials like:

  • The career page of your website
  • Your job offers on your website or on platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.
  • Your profile on career website like Glassdoor, GradIreland, Job.ie, Jobbio, Irish Jobs, etc.



3. Your Email Banners

You probably send more emails to customers than you send texts in a day, that’s why your email banner is the best place to share your recognition. There is no better way to get the word out about your accomplishment than to share the news with the people you do business with each and every day. If your company provides a standard email signature template, include the logo to let everyone who emails with your employees know that you are a great workplace. It will help potential customers and partners trust that you are a company that warrants their business.


If you are not Great Place to Work Certified yet, join our informative session! 👇

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4. Social Media

Are you looking to attract talent? When prospective employees want to get a sense of your company’s culture, they will often visit your social media pages. 

Did you celebrate your recognition announcement with a party? Share those pictures with your audience to let them know that your company takes high-trust culture seriously. Social Media are now the mainstream media and millennials favourite digital platforms. Showcasing your recognition on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. is one of the most efficient ways to show the world the great things you achieve. Tag your posts with the related hashtag (#GPTWcertified or #BestWorkplace23) so we can celebrate with you!




5. Your Office

Remind your employees that they helped build an extraordinary workplace by displaying your recognition logo throughout the office. Decals on the front door and customer meeting rooms will serve as a reminder that this company is a special workplace. Many great workplaces also choose to supply employees with Great Place to Work swag, such as mugs and glasses (get them in our online store). These serve as great daily reminders that maintaining a high-trust culture is important.




6. Corporate Videos

As well as being one of the best tools to enhance your SEO ranking and attract traffic to your website, videos are an enjoyable way to present your great achievements. This is the perfect format for storytelling and for creating awareness around your new achievement. Let’s showcase the core values of your company as well as your recognition! As a bonus, videos are entertaining content to share on social media.




7. Employee Advocacy

Are your employees proud of being part of a great workplace? They can be your advocates! There are plenty of possibilities to capture their excitement about working in your organisation in video testimonials, interviews, posts on social media, email banners, etc. These are very effective ways to let the high-quality talents you would like to attract know what your current employees think about your company.



8. Events and Conferences

Events and conferences are good occasions to display your achievements. Are your stalls, pop-ups, magazines and brochures showcasing your recognition? For example, if you go to hiring fairs, make sure that your company materials include your logo. It will separate you from the crowd and make prospects want to engage with you.



9. Press Articles and Advertisements

Would you like everyone to know you are a great workplace? Do not forget the power of the press and advertisements. Feel free to use the press release in the communication pack provided to extend your recognition announcement to the press! You can even create your own advert to create brand awareness! If you need any help with this, you can contact our team.

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10. Be Creative!

The best way to promote your Great Place to Work recognition is actually to do it your own way: be creative and authentic! Include your recognition in your own style, culture and brand strategy. You don’t have to follow the steps and we love seeing people who think outside the box. You can display the logo on goodies like pens, umbrellas and badges. For your internal parties, photobooths and food branding are other amazing ideas to keep in mind!



More resources on how to utilise your GPTW achievements:


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