Employer Branding: your free guide, key tips and next workshop


Every organisation has an Employer Brand, even if they decide not to define or codify it, it exists. As well as an Employee Value Proposition - every employee being part of an organization is having an experience.

What not all organisations do is activate, internally or externally their Employer Brand or Employee Value Proposition. They don’t tell their story, yet this is one of the best ways to engage with their different stakeholders.

And using strytelling to communicating about your Employer Branding doesn’t mean you need to create a story about your Brand, it means you need tell your own organisation’s story, and it starts by diving into your culture.


Your free Employer Branding Guide

Within the Great Place to Work Community, members use their different Great Place to Work recognition and certification to promote their Employer Brand which brings a third-party credibility to their strategy. We have put together an easy-to-follow guide to gather all the great ideas of our Community to bring out and enhance their Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition. Download the Employer Branding Guide for free just below.




Employer Branding Summit


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Activating an Employer Brand has never been as a challenge as this last year. With the office, internal celebrations, and meeting opportunities traditionally being at the center of the activation strategy, there is an urgent need to adapt the activation to the remote working setting or even the mix of both. In the Employer Branding Summit, we recently hosted, the speakers have given some key tips:

  • Employer Brand comes from your organisation’s culture and is built into it
  • To have a good story you need to have a good vision of your own culture, values and of your worth
  • Your Employer Brand strategy needs to be underpinned by your organisation’s objectives
  • Peer-to-peer recognition engrains key culture drivers
  • Voluntary brand advocates promoting the organisation’s culture attracts talent and gives credibility to your own story.
  • The Great Place to Work survey results is an authentic and endless source of material for Employer Brand promotion

Learning workshop


Following the enthusiasm of the topic of Employer Branding, we have decided to propose you another half day Learning Workshop on the topic. If you would like to be contacted back with more details of the session, click on the button below.


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