Glassdoor: How Great Place to Work Can Improve Your Score & Profile


Glassdoor can be Human Resources' best friend or worst enemy. And from the candidate's point of view, it can be either a comforting validation or a serious warning. 

Unfortunately, Glassdoor reviews tend to be negative. And people will be more inclined to write a negative review if they feel they have been wronged. Job rejection, termination, or leaving for a better opportunity can make people feel this way.

Even so, job seekers highly value Glassdoor reviews. It is crucial that your organisation actively works toward protecting its employer brand on Glassdoor if you want to protect your hiring pipeline.

Here are 12 ways Great Place to Work can help you do so:


Reduce the low-scoring reviews

The very reason why employees are leaving low-scoring reviews on Glassdoor is that they haven't been given the safe space to do it.

Great Place to Work shortcuts this by providing a framework to listen to your people and act on their feedback. When some of your employees are dissatisfied but have the opportunity to be heard through the Great Place to Work survey, it's a win-win situation. In addition to getting fewer negative reviews on your Glassdoor profile, you will also gather feedback from the survey that you can use to improve your workplace culture.


Improve your Glassdoor Review Score

On the reverse, by making your employees feel considered, listened to, and appreciated on a consistent basis, you are building a trusting relationship. They will be more likely to spontaneously share their experience on Glassdoor or to respond positively when you encourage them to do so.

Ideas on when to encourage employees to leave a Glassdoor review: 

  • After the onboarding process 
  • On their work anniversary 
  • When they compliment the company and/or the workplace culture 


Balance your Glassdoor score with your Great Place to Work achievements

Candidates using Glassdoor are seeking external validation of the company's greatness, something other than the Human Resources team's endorsement.

Talent might end up doubting whether to apply or join your workplace after checking your Glassdoor profile. As a balance or validation to your Glassdoor review, your Great Place to Work achievements are here to lend credibility to your review. Displaying your achievements will show that you care about your people and invest in building a positive workplace culture - and that's what talent wants to hear. 


Make a point in the comments 

A key recommendation for Glassdoor profiles or any review platform is to respond to comments. However, addressing the review of a dissatisfied employee can be difficult.

If you are involved in the Great Place to Work Programme, letting people know that you are currently working on improving your workplace culture with a defined action plan can be a helpful reminder. Remind them to fill out the next employee experience survey, which has been designed for this purpose.


Show you listen to your employees' feedback 

The Great Place to Work recognition is THE external proof that you listen to your people. Displaying it on your Glassdoor page shows potential candidates that you actively listen to your current employees, and that you will listen to them as well if they join. Don't hesitate to let your hiring pipeline know they will have a safe, anonymous, and confidential space to share. 


Make a difference in a highly competitive market 

Let's be honest here. It is likely that a candidate is concurrently browsing five other company profiles while looking at your Glassdoor profile. How do you make a difference? By showcasing your unique culture and external validation, such as your Great Place to Work recognition. 

The Great Place to Work Certification attracts more talent and makes jobs more likely to be filled. Why wait any longer? Here is your added value! 


Attract more candidates 

That's a fact. Great Place to Work-Certified organisations attract more candidates.

Esri Ireland has reduced its use of third-party job agencies to zero, and 98% of those offered a position accept it.

In ORS, only 2% of recruits come through external agencies and 80% accept job offers, indicating that their culture appeals to candidates. 


Now is the time to act. 

Example of Version 1

Add the Certified logo to your Glassdoor banner 

If you have a banner on your Glassdoor profile, add your Certified logo on it! Do we have to remind you of all the benefits again? You just read all about it.


Version 1 Great Place to Work


Show your Great Place to Work results

What better place than Glassdoor to share your Great Place to Work results? To finish convincing potential candidates to join your organisation, you can display some of your survey stats on your Glassdoor profile. You have already made a selection of six of them for your Great Place to Work Company Profile, you just need to recycle! 


Complete the Awards & Accolades section 

On Glassdoor, there is a dedicated section to showcase your awards & accolades - don't miss the opportunity! If you need an exhaustive list of all your Great Place to Work recognition, you can find them on your Great Place to Work Company Profile, under the awards section - you have them all there!

Version 1 Great Place to Work


Use the info on your Great Place to Work Company Profile to fill up your Glassdoor Profile

Isn't it amazing? You don't even have to spend time filling out your Glassdoor Profile. Just copy and paste the information from your Great Place to Work Company Profile, and have a slick Glassdoor page in less than five minutes.


Share your great achievements on your Glassdoor profile

Glassdoor also acts like a Social Media and has its own feed, don't forget to share your Great Place to Work achievements, exactly as you would share it on LinkedIn and other channels. 


Version 1 Great Place to Work


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