When is the Right Time to Join the Great Place to Work Programme?

Cathal Divilly

Sometimes organisations express an interest in the Great Place to Work programme, but state that they feel their organisation “isn’t ready yet”. In truth, all that is needed to be ready is a desire to create a great culture. We meet organisations where they are, without judgement or any preconceived idea of what a suitable programme participant looks like. So, when is the right time to join the Great Place to Work Programme? You may have guessed, the answer is now, but why? Why shouldn’t you wait until the stars align and your organisation is in perfect shape? Let’s find out.


It’s About More than Recognition

While the most publicized aspect of the Great Place to Work programme tends to be organisations being recognised as a Great Place to Work, this is merely the cherry on top. The real purpose of the programme is to create Great Workplaces, accreditation is the reward for the work done by participating organisations. While attending the annual Best Workplaces Awards is a fantastic experience, its purpose is to celebrate organisations that have committed to creating a high trust organisation.





What You do With the Survey Results is What Matters Most

When you receive your Trust Index Survey results, the areas which will be of most benefit for you to focus on will be highlighted by our consultants. Whether that be communication, recognition or even wellbeing, the data will help you determine where to devote your resources. Through this, organisations save time and money by targeting areas that will have the most impact on employee experience, retention, and productivity. It is the work done to address insights presented in the data that creates Great Workplaces.





What if We Don’t Make the List?

Not every organisation receives accreditation on their first attempt, but this isn’t something that is seen from the outside. Confidentiality is key, the work we do with you won’t be seen by the public until you are ready for it to be. We will help you leverage survey insights to create the best version of your workplace. The true purpose of the Great Place to Work Programme is to help organisations get where they want to be. When that happens, recognition is sure to follow. We have numerous case studies available charting the progress of organisations that engaged with the programme.





So how do You Get Started?

Participating in the Great Place to Work Programme is easier than ever, and we have a range of options available to you. You can participate in the annual Best Workplaces competition process, opt for just Great Place to Work certification, or both. The key difference between these is that you will be required to submit a report responding to a series of open-ended questions about your culture to be eligible for the Best Workplaces list




Be listed as one of the Best Workplaces in Ireland in 2022

Would you like to be considered for Ireland's Best Workplaces Awards in 2022? Register before the 19th of November to secure your survey slot and start the programme! As always, our friendly team are on hand to answer your questions and get you started on your journey.


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