St Patrick's Day: 12 Great Ideas to Promote Teamwork

Alice Vigneron

It's almost time to spread the Irish luck, relax and have some fun celebrating the traditions and customs of St. Patrick's Day! Get your employees in the mood to celebrate and use the opportunity to promote camaraderie, team spirit and contribute to the overall company culture.

During these difficult times, it's important to help your staff get through them and keep morale high in the office. So, ignite the spark in your workforce by offering an event or fun perks on the 17th of March. We have thought about how we can help by gathering fun and interactive ideas for your event. Take a look at the list for yourself.


Organize offline/online icebreakers and games

Bring your staff together to compete as teams from their own office in a thematic corporate culture quiz, Irish word charades, Pictionary or any other game you fancy!



Give or send hampers and goodies to your employees

This is a great way to celebrate with your entire team and thank them for their hard work. Gift hampers are a brilliant initiative to surprise them and who does not like a basket full of food and gifts? 


Create an Irish Spotify playlist to play in the corporate office

Ask each of your employees to share their 3 favourite Irish songs and create a Spotify playlist to play around the office or share in an email thread for the day!



Install a St. Patrick's Day photo booth and award a prize to the best or funniest picture

What is the best way to get your staff to take pride in their costumes and dress up? Take some photos to immortalise their great (green) performance!

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Paint your office green together with your team and award a prize for the best makeover

Decorate your office or work environment with green balloons, green and gold streamers, shamrock window stickers, etc. Bring Irish happiness to your office and give a sense of what the streets will be like that day in the office! Encourage your staff to decorate their desks too!


Organize a so-too-2010-but-still-so-fun flash mob remotely or locally, on an Irish song

Create a simple and fun choreography and ask your staff to learn the steps for St. Patrick's Day. Ask your teams to film themselves. You can even have their family join in or reserve a space in or outside your office to dance together. A great and easy way to still have fun and make everyone feel included.



Have all employees update their profiles for St. Patrick's Day!

Propose your staff to update their profile pictures internally and externally for the day! Either by donning a costume themselves or adding St. Patrick's Day stickers with the help of a smartphone app.


Update your online visuals

Provide your employees with a desktop wallpaper or virtual meeting background to spice up their workday.

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Organise a green meal inside or outside the company

Imagine coming to work to a green breakfast of green smoothies and soda bread. This is the dream for all the foodies in your team. Organise a cooking competition by challenging your employees to bring a completely green plate or bake an emerald green cake together! Happy hours, dinners or even a caterer for lunch are also a good solution. Don't forget to spoil your remote workers too!

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Invite a band for a flute and fiddle concert or ask your employees to perform!

Whether you are showing off your hidden flute and fiddle talents in your company or hiring a traditional Irish band, music has always been a great and enjoyable way to celebrate events.


Hold a costume competition and award a prize for the best costume

Have your staff put on their best leprechaun costume or simply dress up as shamrocks and green. Hire a make-up artist for the day and award a prize for the best costume on St. Patrick's Day.



Plan themed team-building activities

How about a DIY St. Patrick's Day hat contest, folks? Get together and make the most original and wacky St. Patrick's Day hat! Reward the winner by making them a St. Patrick's Day badge. Do not forget to take a photo of the moment! Check out these DIY hats on Pinterest.

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