Top Company Culture Articles of 2021


This past year has proved itself to be a continuation of 2020’s uncertainty. Around the globe, lockdown cycles, variants and anti-vax movements have paved the way for a “new normal” that feels anything but normal.

But despite all this, 2021 also brought us stories of hope, from companies that truly embody what it means to be a great place to work. Employers are stepping up for social justice, giving back to their communities and inspiring their employees.

We always strive to keep our blog timely and relevant to what’s happening in the world. That’s why throughout 2021, we’ve continued to monitor the lingering impacts of COVID-19 on the workplace, conduct new research on employee satisfaction and share stories from employers who are finding new and innovative ways to enhance company culture.

From navigating hybrid workplaces to becoming a better leader, these are the conversations that have shaped our 2021 and yours.


1. 7 Principles for Developing a Great People Strategy

Do you have a people strategy in place?  If people are our greatest asset, then we must ensure they are retained, engaged, developing, and invested in the success of the company. If we want to reach our goals as a business, we need to create a culture that enables success.


2. 7 Tips For Managers Preparing For A Post-COVID Workplace

Many HR leaders have listened to their employees and know that mixed feelings about coming back to the office exist. The bigger challenge for some of these leaders is a lack of support from the top.


3. 10 Tips on The New Hybrid Model of Working

Discover the key takeaways from our conversation with Maurice Kelly, People Director at Tesco Ireland and Kathryn Whyte, Head of HR at the Office of Government Procurement discussing their plans for a post-Covid hybrid model of working strategy within their organisations.


4. How to Keep a Healthy Work-Life Balance While Working from Home

When you first started working from home, you probably revelled in the fact that you had more time for your personal life. (Grocery shopping at 11 AM? Mid-day Pilates class? Don’t mind if I do!) But the truth is, over time, it can be extremely difficult to separate work and life when you’re working from home. This article contains 3 habits that will help you give yourself some personal space and get back on track to creating a healthy balance between work and life—even if your couch now doubles up as your office.


5. How to Support Parents and Create Family-Friendly Cultures

Great Workplaces realise that parenthood is a factor in the lives of many of their employees 365 days a year and do their best to support them. So, how do Best Workplaces support working parents and create family-friendly cultures? 

Best Workplaces in Tech 2023 report

6. The Great Resignation: Why Culture is Key to Retaining Your Talent

With “The Great Resignation” now finding its way to our shores, what can organisations do now to protect themselves from a talent migration? There is a stark contrast between what organisations believe is important to staff, and what is actually influencing the perspectives of employees. In essence, the problems concern culture, but how can we address these issues now? 


7.  10 Tips on Enhancing Employee Experience through Internal Communication

Discover the key takeaways from our conversation with Eva Mahon from Kuehne + Nagel Ireland and John Goulding from Workvivo to discuss how successful internal communication enhances employee experience.


8. How to Be a Better Manager in 6 Steps

Great managers are constantly performing at a high level, and they do it by effectively balancing their responsibilities. They are constantly switching the multiple hats they have at their disposal to get the best out of every single team member and the team as a whole. Switching hats effectively and knowing which is the right one, can be a challenge. Follow these six tips to build a happier, more engaged, and more productive team.


9. Top 10 Virtual Onboarding Tips from Jeffrey Moran of IBM

Having successfully led IBM's transformation from a face-to-face new hire induction training programme, to a complete 100% virtual onboarding experience, Jeffrey Moran offered his tips to those facing the relatively new challenges presented in remote onboarding.


10. How to Support Employee Wellbeing in Ways You Might Not Know

When wellbeing is spoken about in the organisational context, it is often related to wellness programmes and associated offerings. These may include supporting healthy eating, incentivizing group exercise activities, mental health supports, work-life balance initiatives, mindfulness sessions and much more. Each holds tremendous value in its own right, however, wellbeing is a multifaceted topic, both in its management and definition. So, what can organisations do in this area? 


11. Top 10 Tips on Leadership from 2021 Ireland’s Most Trusted Leader

What constitutes high trust leadership and why is it valuable to organisational success? How can a high trust culture be developed and perpetuated?  Discover key takeaways from Colin Hughes, Head of the Graduate Business School with TU Dublin, and Paul Kelly, CEO with Fáilte Ireland and Ireland’s current Most Trusted Leader. The duo discussed all matters of trust and leadership during the session, driving home the tremendous value of high trust leadership to organisational success.


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