Certification Nation Day 2022: Join the Global Community


Wondering why there is a global buzz about Great Place to Work Certification™ today on Social Media? It is Certification Nation Day! 

As you know, the Great Place to Work Certification™ is the most respected employee experience award in the world. In Ireland, the Certification programme represents 41,772 employees surveyed from May 2021 to May 2022.

Certification Nation Day is the annual celebration for our Certified clients globally.  It is all about celebrating great work on building great cultures, and most importantly the people who make it great: employees!

But it’s not just a celebration. Participation in Certification Nation Day has business benefits such as amplifying employee stories, standing out in the industries, showcasing employer brand, reaching active job seekers, etc. It is also the opportunity to increase pride level internally, a key driver of retention.  

Wondering how Certified™ organisations are leveraging today's global event to promote their brand? Wondering how you can be included in the next Certification Nation Day campaign? Find out all you need in the next lines. 


The impact of Certification™ in Ireland in 2022

Key numbers




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Great Place to Work-Certified™ clients leveraging Certification Nation Day

Wondering how Great Place to Work-Certified™ companies are using Certification Nation Day to make their company culture go viral? This year, Irish organisations have gone the extra mile to leverage their brand through all media channels and have created an exceptional buzz on Social Media! They also have received a parcel full of branding and a digital toolkit to join the campaign. Have a look below to find outstanding examples of their posts today for Certification Nation Day!


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What is the Great Place to Work Certification™?

How it works

The Great Place to Work Certification™ is the recognition built from your employees' experience that allows you to learn what resonates with them most and build a high-trust organisational culture.

Getting Certified™ gives you a third party validation elevating your brand to differentiate yourself from competitors and put your organization at the top of every job seeker's wish list.

Below is the 4 simple steps journey to achieve Certification™, if you would like to know more about the process, click here.


Great Place to Work Certification Methodology


On demand-webinar

To get more information on how to get Certified™ as a Great Place to Work, watch the On-demand webinar below 👇

How to Get Certified webinar



What do clients say about Certification™?

Now that you know all about getting Certified™ as a Great Place to Work, you might wonder what companies involved in the programme think. Well, here you go! 


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