Top Company Culture Articles of 2022


The Year 2022 has been full of testing and learning for HR Leaders and organisations. After reinventing the way we work, transforming the workplace, and boosting the company culture,  they have faced the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, and the energy crisis. Difficult to believe there would be a more challenging year than the Covid-19 times, and yet 2022 brought its fair share of late nights to our Culture champions. 

But despite all this, 2022 also brought us stories of hope, from companies that truly embody what it means to be a great place to work. Employers are stepping up for social justice, giving back to their communities, and inspiring their employees.

Here are the workplace culture articles you and your colleagues found the most useful in 2022.


💻1. 5 Tactics to Boost your Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Workplace

In the new hybrid and remote models, workers can feel isolated from the company. These new models have many benefits but also reduce the role of the company as a place of social construction, and work activities are no longer punctuated by rituals materialised at specific meeting spots. Employers must create and introduce policies and incentives that sufficiently re-engage their workforce.


👋 2. Why Employee Offboarding Experience is Important?

More than ever, employees are choosing to leave companies for a variety of reasons, and it's important to listen to them, care about your employees to the end, and perhaps get valuable feedback for the overall survival of your company.


🤳3. Employee Storytelling: 7 Ways to Share Employee Stories on Social Media

Sharing employee stories on social media shows potential job candidates what they can expect from your company culture. Make sure you equip your people to be your best brand ambassador by sharing their lived-experience in your workplace.


🎧 4. Red Cube Podcast: Distilled's Communication Shapes the Way they Work

In the ninth episode of the Red Cube Podcast, Great Place to Work CEO Cathal Divilly is joined by Laura Doyle, the Chief People Officer at Distilled. Laura shares her journey of guiding Distilled as they embarked on the demanding yet exciting task of combining three of Ireland’s most successful internet brands,, and, and with that combining three different cultures and three different ways of working. Drawing on her years of expertise in Human Resources, Laura also gives us an insight into the importance of effective leadership, and how dealing with feedback (both positive and negative!) and encouraging employee engagement can propel a business from good to great.


🫴 5. Employee Appreciation: 7 Great Ideas to Give Back

Showing appreciation to your employees is much more than personalised coffee mugs and thank you cards, nor should they be saved for special occasions. Rather, it should be frequent, tailored to your employees' needs, and integrated into your company culture.


📈 6. 9 Tips to Boost your Reputation as an Employer

75% of talent consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job. Every organisation has an Employer Brand, even if it is not defined, it exists. What not all organisations do is activate and leverage their Employer Brand. They don’t tell their story, yet this is one of the best ways to engage with their different stakeholders.


💰 7. Gender Pay Gap: 5 ways to tackle it and strengthen your organisational culture

Globally, women are paid 23% less than men. In Europe, women earn on average 14.9% less per hour than men. In Ireland, this figure is slightly lower than the European average - 14.4% in 2021, a decrease of 2.9 percentage points in 14 years! Given the context and societal changes, progress should be made on gender equality as women continue to earn less than men.


🏳️‍⚧️ 8. Trans-Inclusive Workplace: Why it's important and how you can be more inclusive?

In 2016, Ireland became the sixth country in the world to allow transgender people to self-determine their legal gender, and the Gender Recognition Act 2015 was introduced. Nevertheless, transgenders are still facing a lack of awareness or understanding of gender identity which has sometimes led to a less supportive working environment for employees.


🎧 9. Red Cube Podcast The inner Core of culture: Alan Cox's Lessons Learned

In the seventh episode of the Red Cube Podcast, Great Place to Work CEO Cathal Divilly is joined by Alan Cox, former CEO of Core. Alan Cox is the recently departed CEO of Core and soon-to-be CEO of a software startup. For the Red Cube Podcast, he shared all about how his career led him to lead Core, the media company, and Core's journey through the Great Place to Work Programme, with all benefits and challenges it entails. You will also discover his best lessons learned and advice in terms of organisational culture and transformation, leadership and communication, and action planning; along with how trust has helped Core overcome the recent pandemic we all faced. 


🤰 10. Back to Work After Maternity Leave

It can become challenging and daunting for women to take maternity leave when they feel that they will be penalized for it. Great practices and support for mothers returning to work are crucial to ease the transition from an already overwhelming period of life change. It is time to start having more conversations about what happens after maternity leave. 


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