Top Workplace Culture Articles of 2023


Hard to believe so much can happen in one year! Building a great workplace culture has never been such a strong focus among organisations, and 2023 gave its fair share of grey hair to our HR Leaders! While embracing employment law changes,  apprehending the arrival of AI, and boosting employer brands, People Champions have also faced the recession and layoff waves, and had the hard task of inviting employees back to the office.

Amidst these challenges, 2023 also unfolded narratives of optimism, showcasing organisations that exemplify what it truly means to create a high-trust high-performing workplace. We have seen employers demonstrate a commitment to social justice, engage in community initiatives, and meaningfully engage with their workforce.

Explore the most impactful workplace culture articles of 2023, providing valuable insights for you and your colleagues.



👩‍⚖️ 1. Navigating Changes in Employment Law in Ireland 2023

Adhering to evolving employment laws is crucial for organisations as they govern vital aspects like hiring, working conditions, and termination, requiring constant vigilance due to societal shifts.

There were key changes in Irish employment law this year - stay informed to ensure compliance and mitigate legal risks.


👩🏼‍🦳 2. Menopause and the Workplace: How To Best Support Your Employees

In Ireland, 570,000 women, including 350,000 in paid employment, navigate menopause. Menopausal symptoms lead to missed work, with 39% affected. To address this, companies can offer education, company-wide events, implement menopause-specific policies, appoint champions, and maintain an open-door policy, fostering a supportive work environment.


👋 3. Why Good Employees Leave

Employee turnover is natural, but consistent loss of top talent raises concerns. Six reasons for this include poor leadership, burnout, lack of recognition, inflexibility, limited progression, and negative work environments. Addressing these issues fosters a supportive and engaging workplace culture, aiding talent retention.


💡4. 6 Key Factors Successful Hybrid Working Models Have in Common

Hybrid working models, desired by 70% of Irish employees, require more than physical arrangements. Successful models prioritise trust, clear communication, employee autonomy, wellbeing support, inclusive technology, and meaningful connections to create a thriving workplace.


🍼 5. Paternity Leave in Ireland: Great Workplaces Advancing Shared Parenting

Paternity leave in Ireland, introduced in 2016, challenges gender norms, fostering equality and positive workplace cultures. Benefits include reducing gender pay gaps, improving employee engagement, and attracting talent.

Organisations like Sun Life, Toast, and LotusWorks exemplify supportive approaches, enhancing employee well-being and work-life balance. Paternity leave's impact extends beyond individuals to benefit companies, society, and overall workplace inclusivity.


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🤖 6. How can ChatGPT help HR recruiting

ChatGPT gained rapid popularity among HR specialists, reaching 100 billion users in two months. It excels in generating written content, aiding in job ads, improving descriptions, crafting candidate emails, interview questions, and summarizing resumes. However, it lacks proficiency in candidate searching and precise calculations. 

ChatGPT significantly enhances HR recruitment processes, offering advantages in time-saving and efficient communication with potential candidates through chatbots.


🌎 7. Why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Matters

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves businesses acting responsibly economically, socially, and environmentally. 

It attracts talent, enhances brand value, and boosts employee engagement, job satisfaction, and skill development. CSR builds a positive brand image, promoting trust and credibility. Initiatives include volunteer programs, sustainability practices, and employee involvement, contributing to a better world while strengthening a company's resilience, reputation, and success.


🩺 8. The Importance of Health & Wellbeing at Work

In today's work landscape, prioritising mental health is vital. In this blog, we discuss data-driven programs, coaching leaders, fostering openness, and business benefits, emphasizing Cisco's holistic wellbeing approach as a model.

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🌈 9. A Great Workplace For All: Diversity & Inclusion Matters

Creating a Great Workplace For All involves moving beyond Diversity & Inclusion to ensure a consistently high-trust experience for everyone. Measures include reviewing recruitment practices, top-down education, robust D&I policies, and celebrating underrepresented groups' milestone events.


🤝 10. How can Organisations Foster Trust in the Workplace?

Trust is a workplace superhero, crucial for success. Great Place to Work identifies three key trust elements: Credibility (82% vs. 53%), Respect (81% vs. 49%), and Fairness (81% vs. 55%) in certified vs. non-certified organisations. Actions, not just words, build trust, with 86% of employees in great workplaces trusting management, compared to 61% in non-certified organizations. Leading by example, not just talking, establishes a foundation of trust. 


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